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Center for Studies on Economic Development – CEDE, at Universidad de los Andes. The department of economics has a research center that has being working since 1958 as a think tank for different fields of economics, including democracy, education and the employment market, natural resources and environment, poverty and income distribution, violence and the economy, regulation, macroeconomics, fiscal policy, urban economics, international trade, agricultural economics, institutional economics and industrial organization. Researchers are professors for the department of economics as well, which ensures that there is a permanent contact between teaching staff, researchers and external circumstances, a constant updating of their fields of study, and theoretical and practical feedback. After 10 years of having a program in environmental and resource economics funded by IADB and academically supported by University of Maryland, there is a pool of professors engaged on the topic, whose experience will help to develop and to consolidate this stage.


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Environment for Development Research Program – EfD aims to contribute to the design and evaluation of public policies and local institutional arrangements that affect environmental protection, sustainable natural resources management and poverty alleviation by: i. strengthening the understanding of the causes and consequences of human decisions as key inputs into policy making, and ii. increasing the interaction between academia and policy makers in Central America. The Swedish International Development Agency has been providing core and research support. Additionally, research projects have also been funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, the Tinker Foundation, the Inter American Institute for Global Change among others. Their researchers have published their work in scholarly journals, books and policy dissemination outlets in order to reach a wide audience.


    Juan Robalino, LACEEP-CATIE (Costa Rica)
    Róger Madrigal-Ballestero, Environment for Development Initiative, CATIE (Costa Rica)
    María A. Naranjo, Environment for Development Initiative, CATIE (Costa Rica)
    Jorge Maldonado, U de los Andes-CEDE (Colombia)