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Previous Short Courses

Round Date Topic Instructor
XVII March, 2014

Statistical and econometrical tools for environment and development economics

Professor: Alejandro López-Feldman
XVI September, 2013

Experimental Methods for Environmental and Resource Economics

Professor: Jim Murphy
XV April, 2013

Advances in Evaluating the Environmental and Social Impacts of Environmental Programs

Professor: Paul J. Ferraro

XII September - October, 2011

Spatial modeling of land markets and land use change

Professor: Elena G Irwin

XI April, 2011

Economics of ecosystem services and biodiversity

Professor: Stephen Polasky

X September, 2010

Current Issues in Environment and Development Economics

Professor: Salvatore Di Falco

IX April, 2010 Key Topics in Environment and Development Economics Professor: Randall A. Bluffstone
VIII September, 2009 Behavioral and experimental economics with environmental applications Professor: Peter Martinsson
VI September Octuber, 2008 Natural Resource Economics: Applications of computational economics to solve dynamic problems Professor: Jorge Higinio Maldonado
V April, 2008 Ten Critical Concepts for Environmental Economists Professor: Richard T. Woodward
IV September, 2007 The economics of Ecosystem Services Professor Karl-Göran Mäler
III March, 2007 Practical Skills for Researchers: Writing Proposals and Reports Dr. David Glover
II October, 2006 Second Biannual Workshop  
I February, 2006 Environmental economics and policy Dr. David Zilberman