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guidelines for proposals


When ready to submit a full proposal, applicants should obtain a copy of the “Guidelines for the Presentation of Research Proposals” from the LACEEP Secretariat. The guidelines indicate the structure of the proposal and the kinds of costs that may be included in project budgets. Proposals should follow exactly the proposed structure provided in the Guidelines and shouldby no means exceed 10 pages (excluding attachments). In a cover letter, applicants should indicate what other research projects they are currently carrying out, and their funding source. If a proposal similar to the one submitted to LACEEP has been or will be submitted to another funding source, this should be clearly indicated. It is anticipated that most projects will be done on a part-time basis; proponents should be able to demonstrate that they have adequate time to carry out the project and that there is no duplication of other activities. Full proposals should be written in English to facilitate their external revision.